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The program: week 6

Posted by pablito15 on April 3, 2010

6 weeks into the training plan embarked on with Andre, I’ve notched up:

  • 1000 tactical problems
  • 5 chapters of Meuller & Lamprecht’s “Fundamental chess endings”
  • 5 chapters of Bernd Rosen’s “chess end game training”
  • Chapter II: The Slav Formation of Soltis’ Pawn Structure Chess
  • 4 consequetive weeks of our Wednesday night fixed opening game where i’ve played:
    • The white side of the c3. Italian game:  1-1
    • The black side of the Worall attack: 1-1
    • The black side of the classical Ruy Lopez: 0-2
    • The white side of 2 crazy Sicilians & one Taimanov Sicilian: 3-0
  • 2+ annotations of master games from these systems.
  • 2 Correspondence games
  • Some middle game training with Mr. Bent Larsen. (not personally)

Which i’m very happy with. I’ve done at least 15 tactical problems daily for the last 6 weeks, which for me, is incredibly constant! It’s all improving our chess a lot, and whilst we might not see some of the gains instantly (ie. with the end game stuff), it will all come out in the end. In the next few posts i’ll try to go over each of these sections above, telling you what these great books have done for my chess & why I suggest you follow suit! I’ll start… as the masters suggest, with the end game!

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